Pregnancy Vaccination at Home in New Delhi

It’s important to stay up to date on your vaccinations. If you plan to become pregnant or are already pregnant, there are specific vaccines that you, and those around you, will need.

Vaccination is a simple and effective way to protect you and your baby from certain infections. Vaccination prepares the immune system to fight against a future infection. Vaccines contain tiny amounts of dead or weakened viruses or bacteria, called antigens. The immune system responds to these antigens, training the immune system without you getting sick. This means that your body is better prepared to fight the disease if exposed to it in the future. Most vaccines are given by injection but some are given as oral drops.

Vaccine Buddy currently offers excellent Pregnancy vaccination services at home in New Delhi, available right at your doorstep.

What is Vaccination At Home on Vaccine Buddy?

Vaccine Buddy understands that those initial vaccinations are crucial so we insist that you book an online doctor consultation regarding the vaccinations your kid needs and we will be sending our ambulances to your doorstep to provide those important vaccinations to your baby. Dr. A K Dutta is one of the best high risk pregnancy doctors in New Delhi.

We believe prevention is always better than cure. Basic immunizations for high risk pregnancy, and comprehensive vaccinations can be administered by Vaccine Buddy specialists in the comfort of your home. Vaccinations at home ensure lower infection rates and can be taken at your convenience.

Pregnancy Vaccination at Home in Noida

Vaccinations in Pregnancy

Some vaccines, such as the inactivated seasonal flu vaccine and the whooping cough vaccine, are recommended during pregnancy to protect the health of you and your baby. An inactivated vaccine does not contain a live version of the virus it is protecting against.


Some vaccines, such as the tetanus vaccine, are perfectly safe to have during pregnancy if necessary.


But it does depend on the type of vaccination. For example, the MMR and yellow fever vaccines have potential risks, and you need to discuss these with your midwife or doctor before deciding whether to have the vaccine.

Vaccines not usually Advised in Pregnancy (Live Vaccines)

If a vaccine uses a live version of the virus, such as the MMR vaccine, you’ll usually be advised to wait until after your baby is born before you get vaccinated.


This is because there’s a potential risk that live vaccines could cause your unborn baby to become infected. But there’s no evidence that any live vaccine causes birth defects.


Sometimes, a live vaccine may be used during pregnancy if the risk of infection is greater than the risk of the vaccination. Your midwife, GP or pharmacist can give you more advice about vaccinations during pregnancy.

Which Vaccines are Recommended?

The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone, including pregnant women, during flu season. In fact, it’s extra important for pregnant women because it helps prevent flu-related problems that are more common during pregnancy. And the vaccine is safe — studies show no harmful effects to the fetus. It also helps protect a mother and her baby from the flu in the baby’s first year of life.


The flu vaccine comes in two forms: the flu shot (injected with a needle) and the nasal spray (a mist sprayed into the nostrils). Pregnant women should only get the flu shot. It’s made with a killed flu virus, so won’t affect the fetus. The nasal spray contains a live weaker form of the virus and isn’t safe for moms-to-be.



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